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Awesome Project is a quick content-agency! Instead of starting with "traditional" channels, we take a leap into social media, film, and community marketing. By being present in relevant channels, we can assist our clients in reaching their target audiences and effectively building relationships with them. Together, we create communication solutions tailored to today's media landscape.

What's your next Awesome Project?

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We have merged an advertising agency with a social media agency. The outcome? A versatile skill set tailored for today's world. Here are three compelling reasons to reach out to us

Motion & Production

Sometimes, things just need to get done. Swiftly and efficiently. We specialize in crafting individualized SoMe videos, handling everything from film to live broadcast, and keeping production materials up to date.

Creation & Concept

We create strategic and creative concepts that can be tailored to various channels and devices, aligning with the mission's unique characteristics and needs.

SoMe Feed

We take responsibility for the client's social feed, ensuring it remains constantly refreshed with creative content, while also nurturing an ongoing and engaging presence. This includes strategy, production, and distribution.


Quick Content

From shopping malls to employment branding, and onward to events. In the world of quick content, we create a variety of materials, always based on the client's strategy and created concepts


MSAB is the global leader in digital forensic technology, specializing in mobile device examination and analysis. At Awesome Project, we have produced numerous B2B-oriented informational videos aimed at showcasing the myriad functions and advantages of MSAB’s cutting-edge solutions. Drawing inspiration from crime documentaries and series, our primary goal was to dramatize what are often considered 'normal' informational videos and instead add a more dramatic narrative to the videos in order to generate more interest.


Vålamagasinet's goal is to enhance Swedish homes with high-quality, sustainable furniture and lighting. At Awesome Project, we developed the concept "Timeless Design for Every Room," which includes a short promotional video and radio spots.

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Need help with your marketing or dynamic social content? Contact us today, and let's enhance your brand together!

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